Advance Australia Party will:
Overcome Traffic gridlock in metropolitan areas by a combination of making public transport workable and the number one choice of transport mode as well as expanding and improving the road design by changing the attitude of the traffic managers who do not want to improve the roads, as their view is it may encourage more users.

In recognising that ‘not all’ are able to use public transport, the road pattern needs to be holistic, by providing alternative streamlined links between major carriers and retail/business hubs. We need to think smarter and spend more Federal dollars on road infrastructure planning and stop wasting funding on failed short sighted and short term fixes. Also, the charges for public transport use should be minimised in order to encourage people out of their cars.

To better utilise existing infrastructure and to provide for our increasing population, the Advance Australia Party proposes the establishment of sustainable, ongoing decentralisation programs.

A well-managed public transport system can be the barometer of a well-run and managed state. The Advance Australia Party believes a holistic NSW state wide future plan needs to be orchestrated now.

To reduce traffic on major highways and to assist in the prosperity of our major regional centres, rail and transport hubs should be created to boost employment.

This would complement the existing established farming and rural activities. All major interstate rail links need to be improved and integrated with other existing State and Territory systems.

All this would break down the deadlock of inaccessibility that the tyranny of distance brings, as well as helping with the coordination of employment, transport and other essential infrastructure building.

The Advance Australia Party asks how long does it take for successive governments and RMS bureaucrats to solve traffic problems, where is the long term sustainable plan?