Advance Australia Party will:
Always favour sustainable and environmentally sound development, by incorporating in new dwellings the latest cost-efficient technologies in energy and water saving.

At all times make decisions to ensure a better outcome and to reduce the impact on the environment in relation to all policy decisions;

However it is not the intent of the Advance Australia Party to be totally green at all cost.

Future generations have a right to inherit a living and sustainable planet.
Our generation has to secure the future growth of regional Australia by implementing plans to better manage our fragile river systems.

Long considered the nation’s agricultural heartland and food bowl, accounting for nearly forty per cent of our agricultural production, the Murray-Darling basin is a river system in trouble.

Enormous strain has been placed on the Basin’s communities, industries and natural environment by a combination of prolonged and severe drought, emerging changes in the climate and the impact of past water management decisions.

In 2010, inflows into the Murray were at record low levels and without adequate water, the basin’s ecosystems will continue to decline.
This will threaten many species, the viability and productivity of Australian agriculture and rural and urban water supplies.

Currently up to 40% of water is lost even before it reaches the farm through mere evaporation.

Using less water doesn’t have to mean fewer jobs or a reduced amount of food. It does mean we have to be more efficient.

Substantial water savings could be made by increasing efficiencies, particularly for conveyance water, through lining channels and piping water to reduce seepage and evaporation.
This should be done as a partnership between government and irrigators and would be a win-win for everyone, especially the environment.

The Advance Australia Party believes a suitable outcome can be achieved, for existing communities and the environment, through better collection and management of the resources.
Supports the growth and viability of Australia’s inland towns and will support investment in state-of-the-art irrigation systems which use a fraction of current water volumes to achieve the same or greater food and fibre output