Advance Australia Party will:
Aim to make housing more affordable, homeownership more achievable and to build a better Australia.
Reduce costs and unnecessary planning delays for new homes, additions and alterations, through an extension of the existing Complying Development Code to take into account most land zones and development situations. Harmonise planning controls and submission requirements across the various council jurisdictions.

This will allow planning applications to be prepared with certainty, saving homeowners time and money. Projects would be approved in an efficient manner which allows construction to commence with a minimum of delay thereby reducing the cost for the owner.

Review the existing Workers Compensation Act to clarify responsibilities of business.

Establish and industry-based fund to cover costs associated with injury or illness of building and construction industry workers.

Arrange for workers compensation premiums to be collected at the Building Approval stage to ensure a more equitable “user pay” principle.

Currently the bulk of Workers Compensation Insurance premiums are collected from a small percentage of employers.

This places an unfair burden on these employers and does not accurately spread the cost of benefits paid out to recipients.

Under the present Workers Compensation Act the rules and guidelines determining the status of contractors and employees are obscure and have been since inception.
The Advance Australia Party proposes to amend the Workers Compensation Act.

The cost of Workers Compensation Insurance should be significantly reduced by spreading the true cost of compensation across the whole of the industry.

These proposed alterations will eliminate the current uncertainty experienced due to ambiguous guidelines that are subject to individual interpretation.