Advance Australia Party will:
Assist all resident’s access to Public Health and an efficient Public Health system.
Supports nurses in their pursuit of an improved Nurse to Patient ratio in our hospitals.

Support the construction of Regional Centres of Excellence in specialist medical care, to provide confidence to people settling in a regional area.

This would relieve rural and regional residents of the need to travel to Sydney and Newcastle in order to receive specialist medical attention.

Be proactive in the field of preventative medicine.
Support the establishment of accessible eye, ear and dental specialist services to complement our existing medical services and take a positive and proactive role in the future all round health of our population.

Acknowledge the vital role of Carers in the management of our senior and disabled residents.
Our public system could never replace the personal and loving attention that Carers bring into a relationship.
These unsung heroes need to be better supported and the Advance Australia Party is here to listen and learn.